What We Do

Oxford Academy’s FIRST Robotics Team 4079, Quantum Leap, is comprised of a dedicated, diverse group of students ranging from 7th graders to seniors in Cypress, CA. We strive to promote gracious professionalism between mentors, students and competitors, teamwork between members, active communication within the team, and a thirst for knowledge of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. Our greatest priority for the youth of our community is to expose them to the STEM fields in the hopes that they may be inspired to pursue a related career. Through participation in FIRST, students not only acquire the technical knowledge necessary to construct an advanced robot capable of performing sophisticated tasks, but also skills such as leadership, self-confidence, and critical problem solving that will stick with them well beyond their FRC careers. Quantum Leap strives to make FIRST more prevalent within our community and provide the necessary resources and teaching to allow anyone who wishes to participate in FIRST a chance to join our team.

In 2009, Oxford FIRST Robotics Club saw its beginnings as a small, VEX-only club at Oxford Academy. Three years later, FRC was integrated into the club and soon merged with the Oxford Math Club to start Oxford Academy STEM. From there, Oxford FRC saw rapid growth, watching its team start at just seven members in 2011 and blossom into the current team of 35 students. The original Oxford FRC team faced many obstacles in its attempt to attend its first FIRST competition and establish itself within the school. VEX, FRC, and STEM were all completely student-run efforts, and with the lack of resources and guidance from mentors and minimal parent participation, the first Oxford FRC team struggled to raise funds and prepare for competitions. The founding members spent hours contacting multiple potential advisers but finally managed to convince school principal Kathy Scott to serve as their adviser. From there, Oxford’s FRC team was able to seek sponsorships and increase membership, allowing it to become a large presence on the Oxford campus.